Roland Szentpáli, born 1977 in Nyíregyháza (Hungary). Roland began playing the euphonium at the age of twelve, moving on to the tuba in the following year under the guidance of Sandor Lukács. He was a student at the Béla Bartok Academy in Budapest from 1991-1995, studying with Joseph Baszinka and Gábor Adamik. Roland continued his studies with Lászlò Szabò at the F. Liszt Academy. On the international scene, Roland has attended courses held by Roger Bobo, Mel Culbertson, Manfred Hoppert, and Sam Pilafian and has been the recipient of numerous scholarships for study abroad.

Among his numerous successes in solo competitions, the most notable are his first prizes at the Lahti International Brass Competition in Finland (2001), the International Performer‘s Competition in Brno, Czech Republic (2000), and the International Tuba Competition in Cheju, Korea (2000). He was also awarded second prize at the prestigious Markneukirchen International Tuba Competition in 2000, and has also been a prize winner at other competitions, including TubaMania (Australia, 1999), Geubwiller International Tuba Competition (France, 1998).

Roland is also very active as a composer, having written many works for tuba, chamber ensemble and orchestra in a broad variety of styles. In February of 1994, he performed his own Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra in Budapest for live television broadcast. His music has been played and recorded by the Hungarian Radio Orchestra and the Orchestra Hungarian Music Academy Bela Bartok. His last solo CD “I Killed my Lips” includes four of his own compositions.

Apart from his busy solo and composition schedule, Roland is actually principal tuba with the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra. Always being in great demand he also gave several masterclasses in the United States, Japan and many European countries.



Nationality: Hungarian
Instruments: Bass Tuba, Contrabass Tuba, Bass Saxhorn, Ophicleide, Bass Serpent, Cinbasso


  • 2016 DLA in Ferenc Liszt Music Academy Budapest.
  • 2001 “Mozarteum” MusikHochschule(Manfred Hoppert) Salzburg,
  • 2000 Music Academy (Roger Bobo) Lausanne
  • 1995-2002 Ferenc Liszt Music Academy (Laszlo Szabo) Budapest,
  • 1991-1995 Bela Bartok Conservatoire (Jozsef Bazsinka, Gabor Adamik) Budapest,
  • 1989-1991 Music School (Sandor Lukacs) Nyíregyhaza,


  • 2001 International Tuba Competition, Lieksa, Finland                 1st prize
  • 2000 International Tuba Competition, Jeju, South Korea             1st prize
  • 2000 International Tuba Competition, Markneukirchen, Germany  2nd prize
  • 2000 Balogh-Zilcz Tuba Competition, Budapest, Hungary           1st prize
  • 1999 European Tuba Competition, München, Germany              1st prize
  • 1999 International Tuba Competition, Sydney, Australia              1st prize
  • 1999 International Brass Competition, Gdansk, Poland               1st prize
  • 1999 Donald Beyer Tuba Competition, Budapest, Hungary         1st prize
  • 1997 International Tuba Competition, Guebwiller, France          2nd prize


2014 The best Jazz album Award in ITEA, USA



  • Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Hungarian Radio Orchestra
  • Budapest Festival Orchestra
  • Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Hungarian State Opera Orchestra
  • Dohnányi Symphony Orchestra
  • Miskolc Symphony Orchestra
  • World Orchestra for Peace.


Valery Gergiev, Zoltan Kocsis, Jury Simonov, Ivan Fischer, Davor Sutey, Tamas Vasary, Edo de Waart, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Jaap van Zweden, Osmo Vanska, Johannes Wildner, Gennadi Rozhdestvensky, Alexander Lazarev, Hans Graf, Alexander Vedernikov, Philippe Herreweghe.

Teaching experience

  • Tuba professor, Music Academy, Budapest, Hungary 2019-
  • Tuba, chamber music dozent, Music Academy, Luzern, Switzerland 2017-
  • Guest Tuba professor, Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, Bloomingto, USA 2013
  • Guest Tuba professor, Hong Kong Baptist University, 2011-2012
  • Guest Tuba professor, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, 2011-2012
  • Tuba professor, Univerity of Debrecen, HUNGARY 2005-2009
  • Visitor Tuba professor, Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, UK 2003-2004

Master classes all around the world such places as:

Paris Conservatoire Superieur FR, Lyon Conservatoire Supérieur FR, Royal College of Music, London UK, University of Music, Los Angeles, USA, Musashino School of Music, Tokyo JP, University of Music, Regina CANADA, Academy of Music and Arts, Lima PERU, “Mozarteum”University of Music, Salzburg, AUSTRIA, Academy of Music, Buenos Aires, ARG, Academy of Music, Ljubljana, SLO, Sydney Unversity, AUSTRALIA, Academy of Music, Amsterdam, NEDERLANDS, Academy of”La Sistema”, Caracas, VENEZUELA.


  • Lecture and concert on “200Years of Valved Brass Instruments” in Museum of Instruments, Berlin, GERMANY
  • Lecture on “The evolution of low brass instruments” in Academy of Music, Lima, PERU
  • Lecture and recital on “The evolution of low brass instruments” In Hong Kong Brass Academy, HK

Compositions of Roland Szentpáli

  • Clarinet Double concerto, Tuba Concerto, Saxophone Quartet Concerto, Magnificat, Clarinet Concerto, Beatus Vir,  Clarinet Rhapsody, etc.
  • Several chamber music and solo pieces for various instruments.All works are published exclusively by Editions BIM, Switzerland

Publications of Roland Szentpáli


  • Szeged Trombone Ensemble: Wind Tunnels;  as arranger; Private 2019
  • Gergely Lukács: Fifty Shades of Tuba; as tuba player; Private 2019
  • Bastien Baumet: Radiance; as composer; 2019
  • Mai Kokubo: A War in Wonderland; as composer; 2019
  • Corpus Trombone Quartet: Contemporary; as composer (From Within); Corpus Trombone Quartet 2018
  • Szabó-Gyivicsán-Szentpáli: OVER THE EDGE; as composer and tuba player; Private 2017
  • Roland Szentpali: (R)EVOLUTION; as tuba soloist; Private 2017
  • Peter Szendofi: Meets Bartók&Ligeti; as tuba player; Tom-Tom Records 2017
  • Constantin Hartwig: Klischee Ade; as composer with the piece called: Pearls III; GENUIN 2017
  • Marosi Szepesi Szentpáli: i3; as composer of all pieces in the album and tuba soloist; Pro Mediart 2015
  • Eufonix Quartet: Nuclear Breakfast ; as composer with the piece called: Nuclear Breakfast and tuba soloist Potenza 2015
  • Mihályi Réka: Masni és Pocó; as tuba player and arranger; EuroArt Media 2015
  • Andreas Martin Hofmeir: On the way; as composer with the piece called: Very good Morning; Sony Classica 2014
  • Richard Revesz, Roland Szentpali Nuestro Ritmo; as tuba player and arranger; Potenza Music 2014
  • Juvavum Brass Feat. James Morrison: Brass Spektakel; as tuba player; Private 2013
  • Steven Mead: Pearls; as composer with the piece called: Pearls 2; Bocchino Music 2013
  • George Palton: Tuba in Motion; as composer with the piece called: Allegro Fuoco; 2013
  • Fabien Wallerand: Vibrations; as composer with the piece called: Allegro fuoco; Muicadistri 2012
  • Tan Dun: Compositions (Concerto for Orchestra/Symphonic Poem on Three Notes/Orchestral Theatre) as tuba player; Naxos2012
  • Eufonix Quartet: Brink; as composer with the piece called: A Birthday Quartet; Potenza 2012
  • Steven Mead: Audacious: as composer with the piece called: Sketches 1998; Bocchino Music 2011
  • RTB Crew: Meet the Beat; as composer and tuba player; Potenza Music 2010
  • Eufonix Quartet: End Game, as composer with the piece called: Concertino; Potenza Music 2010
  • Aaron Tindall: Song of Ascent; as composer with the piece called: Concerto; Potenza Music 2010
  • Fabien Wallerand: Art of the tuba; as composer with the piece called: Allegro fuoco; Indesens 2010
  • Adam Frey: Beyond the Horizon; as composer with the piece called: Pearls 2; Euphonium 2010
  • Gábor Ulrich: Butchers’s pocket radio; DVD as composer and tuba player; 2010
  • Roland Szentpali/Aron Romhanyi: Parallels; as composer and tuba player; Potenza Music 2009
  • Roland Szentpali/Aron Romhanyi: Parallels; Zenepont 2009
  • Portuguese Tuba Ensemble: Veneno; as composer with the piece called: Earth Voices and tuba soloist; Private 2009
  • Jazz Steps Brass: New Orleans Feeling; as tuba player; Private 2008
  • Loop Doctros: White Orange Black ; as tuba player and composer; artMusic Records 2008
  • Maki Yamamoto: Zongora ; as composer with the piece called: 5 Miniatures (Talált Pénz); Private 2008
  • Mihályi Réka: Melange; as tuba player and arranger; Zenepont 2008
  • World Orchestra for Peace: THE SOLTI MEMORIAL TOUR 2007 conducted by Valery Gergiev live CD/DVD; as tuba player; WOP ltd 2007
  • Steven Mead: Earth Voices; as composer with the piece called: Earth Voices; Bocchino Music 2007
  • Velvet Brown: Perspectives: Sound & Rhythm; as composer with the piece called: Dance Movements Crystal Records 2007
  • Varnus Xaver feat Sir Solti Georg Brass Ensemble & Talamba Percussion Group: from Ravel to Vangelis : as arranger and conductor; SonyBMG 2007
  • Danny Helseth: Snapshots; as composer with the piece called: Pearls; 2007
  • World Orchestra for Peace, conducted by Valery Gergiev live CD/DVD (as tuba player. Label: WOP ltd. 2007) THE SOLTI MEMORIAL TOUR 2007 conducted by Valery Gergiev live CD/DVD; as tuba player; 2007
  • Kontor Tamás: Rengeteg Év; as tuba and trumpet player; Tom-Tom records 2006
  • Roland Szentpáli: On my way; ;as composer and soloist; Fenox music 2005
  • Brahms: Hungarian Dances Variations live; as tuba soloist and arranger; T-com 2005
  • Abe Ryunosuke: Carmen Fantasy; as composer, tuba and piano player ; Private 2005
  • World Orchestra for Peace Live Tour 2005 conducted by Valery Gergiev; as tuba player; WOP ltd 2005
  • Talamba: Okamale; as tuba and trumpet player; Private 2005
  • Dohnanyi Symphony Orchestra: New Years Eve Concert; as a composer with the piece called: Concerto for Saxophone Quartet; Private 2005
  • Gergely Ittzés: Pierre Max Duboise-Chamber Music with Flute; as tuba player; Hungaroton Classic 2004
  • Presser Gábor: KONCERT/Dalok régről és nemrégről (DVD); as tuba, euphonium and contrabass trombone player; BMG 2004
  • Ewald Brass Quintet: Popular Music; as arranger; Allegro Thaler 2003
  • Orna Ralston: Something to touch; as tuba player on several compositions; OR Music 2002
  • Ewald Brass Quintet: Roland Szentpali presents Ewald Brass Quintet: Chamber Music; as producer and arranger ; Gramy records 2001
  • The 125th Academic year; as soloist (Gulya Róbert: Burlesque) Liszt Ferenc Music Academy 2000
  • László Dubrovay: Brummadza’s Dance; as tuba player; Hungaroton 2000
  • Robert Gulya: Some works of Gulya Robert; as tuba soloist; Burlesque; Private 1999
  • Roland Szentpáli: I killed my lips; as composer and soloist; Fenox music 1999
  • Ivan Madarasz: Works by Ivan Madarasz-Flautiáda/Concertuba/Musica Solenne ; as tuba soloist Hungaroton Classic 1999
  • Danubia Symphony Orchestra, conducted by: Yurij Simonov: Mousorgsky: A Night on the bare mountain; as tuba player; Danubia 1999
  • Symphonic Band Series (Frigyes Hidas): The Magic Potion; as soloist; BMC 1996
  • Budapest Symphonic Band: Works of Werner; as tuba soloist with the piece called: Musikantenfieber; Edition Donauton 1995
  • Robert Gulya: Kantáta/Zongoraverseny/Mise; as tuba player: Népszabadság RT-Preludio 1993
  • Bartok Conservatory Symphony Orchestra: Works by Leo Weiner; as tuba player; Academy 1993


  • Roger Bobo – tuba soloist, teacher, former member of Los Angeles Philharmony Orchestra
  • Gene Pokorny – principal tuba player of Chicago Symphony  Orchestra
  • Jean-Pierre Mathez – General manager of Editions BIM, Switzerland