CD – (R)EVOLUTION – Roland Szentpali

All of us in the low brass world love and respect Roland for his incredible skills as a composer, arranger and performer.

This is one of his two new CDs, and this one shows his outstanding dedication to the history of our current instruments, with simply brilliant performances on the Ophicleide, French C/Bb Tuba, Bombardon/Tuba in E flat, Vienna Concert Tuba in F, Bombardon/Tuba in F, Contrabass Tuba in BBb, English Military Serpent in C, Cinbasso in C.

It is quite remarkable how at ease and virtuosity sounds on each of these instruments. He is real leader in this aspect of low brass performance, and this album is really something to treasure.

Track listing:

Farnaby (Arr.Szentpali)

1. Old Spagnoletta

2. His rest

3. His humor

4. Tell me Daphne

5. Toy

6. Farnaby’s dream

7. The new Sa-hoo Fasch: Sonata II

8. Largo

9. Allegro

10. Vivace

11. H.Klosse: Air Varie (Arr. Szentpali)

12. J.E.Barat : introduction and Dance

13. Pettee : Olosabut (Arr.Szentpali) – premiere recording

14. M.Bordogni : Andante

15. F.Kreisler : Marche Miniature Viennoise (Arr.Szentpali)

16. Krotov-Blajevits : Concert Etude